How we Intend to Keep your Children Safe

Risk Assessments

The detailed risk assessment have been made alongside the guidance provided to us by the Department for Education. We will be limiting access to the provision to ensure we can reduce any risks to our staff or children.  

Travel Plans

The Government’s guidance has suggested that children, young people and parents are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times. Planning your travel is essential especially if using public transport. To support this, we have arranged staggered drop off and pick up times. Please communicate with us your intended travel plans to and from the provision.  If driving DO NOT park on the church driveway, the parking restriction in only between 10am – 12noon.

Shielding or Self Isolating within the Home

Please keep us informed of any update immediately of any shielding/self isolating or changes to your home circumstances regarding this within your home.  No children are to attend if they or a member of their household has any symptoms of the coronavirus and the setting MUST be informed immediately.

Procedures for Drop off and Collection

Staggered drop off and pick up times have been arranged to avoid crowding during these periods. Please ring the bell for the Main Hall to drop off and collect. Your child’s temperature will be taken at the door before they are allowed into the setting. If the temperature is high your child will be sent back home and a test must be completed and the outcome given to the setting before your child can return.

Drop off

  • If your drop off is 8.30am you can arrive between 8.30 am – 9am.
  • If your drop off is 9.30am you can arrive between 9.15am – 9.45am.


  • If you collect at 12.30pm you can collect between 12.15 – 12.45pm.
  • If you collect at 2.30pm you can collect between 2.15 – 2.45pm.

To keep children safe during this time it is essential that Parents and Carers do not enter the building, however we will be flexible if your child is upset and only one parent/carer to bring your child.  Therefore a practitioner will sign any children in and out. All Parents and Carers must social distance at all times when outside the building.

You must inform the setting if your child will be absent or will be late arriving.

Communication with Parents

We have followed the guidance from the government for Communicating our plans with you

Additional arrangements regarding sharing information about the provision and any changes needed to our arrangements will be communicated by phone or email from the provision manager.  If you need to speak to your child’s Key Person please either email or call the setting.  No face to face contact is allowed.

Minimising Items that are Taken from Home to Setting

To ensure the safety of all children and following the Government guidance, we need to ensure we minimise the amount of items taken from the home to our setting. This could include different arrangements for lunch.  Lunch must be bought in a hard wipeable lunchbox and a water bottle is allowed.

Spare Clothing and Nappies

Ensure that the bag contains a change of clothing and enough nappies for at least 2 -3 weeks as we will keep bags on the premises until the end of the term.  Any wet clothing will be sent home in a disposable bag.

Emergency Contact Details

Please check the emergency contact details that the setting holds to ensure they are current and up to date, in the event there have been any changes since your child last attended the setting. Please contact the setting by email.  New children starting must bring their completed confidentiality forms on their 1st day – No Parents are permitted to enter the building.


 Due to the current quarantine guidelines if you have been abroad during the holidays you must inform the setting of your destination and when you returned to the UK

What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the setting?

Actions that nurseries, childminders, schools and colleges will take

We have been asked to:

  • manage confirmed cases of coronavirus (COVID-19) in the school or college, in line with current public health guidance – this means your child may be asked to self-isolate for 14 days by their nursery, childminder, school or college (based on advice from their local health protection teams) if they have been in close, face to face contact with someone who has tested positive for the virus
  • ensure that everyone cleans their hands more often than usual, including when they arrive, when they return from breaks, and before and after eating – this should be done for 20 seconds with soap and running water or hand sanitiser
  • promote the ‘catch it, bin it, kill it’ approach, to ensure good respiratory hygiene
  • enhance cleaning, including cleaning frequently touched surfaces more often

Nurseries and childminders will also minimise contact between individuals where they can. This could mean using different rooms for different age groups and keeping those groups apart.

  • stay within specified separate groups (or bubbles)
  • maintain distance between individuals

We know that younger children may not be able to maintain social distancing. It is likely that for younger children the emphasis will be on separating groups, and for older children, it will be on distancing.

Actions you can take

Do not send your child to their nursery, childminder, school or college if:

Arrange a test if you or your child develops symptoms. Inform your nursery, childminder, school or college of the results.

If the test is positive, follow guidance for households with possible or confirmed coronavirus (COVID-19) infection, and engage with the NHS Test and Trace process.

It is really important that you help nurseries, childminders, schools and colleges to implement these actions by following the advice set out here and wider public health advice and guidance.

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