Progress Check at Two

Until the age of five your child will be in the Early Years Foundation Stage.  This is the name given to the first stage of learning in a child’s life.

During this time we aim to be working in partnership with you to support your child in making the best possible progress.

The information that we share and work on together will help us to make the right provision for your child and better understand what they enjoy and what interests them.

An important part of this is the Progress Check at Age Two.

When your child is between two and three years of age

Once your child has had their second birthday we will arrange with you an appropriate time to meet in order to review their progress in the three Prime Areas of Learning.  These are –

  • Personal, Social and Emotional Development
  • Communication and Language
  • Physical Development

Around this time your Health Visitor will also contact you to review your child’s health and wellbeing.

Both these reviews form what is called The Progress Check at Age Two.

The aim of this check is to review how well your child is progressing and ensure they are getting all the help they need.  Your input to the Progress Check is very important and you will be invited to meet with you child’s Key Person to record your comments about your child’s interests.

It is very important that you sign the summary of the Progress Check to say that you give permission for the information to be shared with other professionals and the next setting your child will attend.  This is so that the best possible support and future practitioners can get to know your child well.

When the Progress Check is complete you will be given a copy, and the setting will keep a copy with your child’s other records.