How the Keyperson System Works

Keypersons are allocated certain children to take a particular interest in. You will be informed which member of staff is your child’s keyperson. Your keyperson will make a special effort to get to know you and your family, and we hope you will feel able to confide in them by expressing any particular concerns you may have or anything that has happened at home that may affect your child whether it be a happy or sad event. You should try to hand your child over to the keyperson each morning when you arrive and the keyperson will try to have a word with you at the end of each session, especially if something special, whether good or bad, has happened. All this we think very much benefits the children, who we hope will feel are having a special interest taken in them.

N.B. Although we do our very best to ensure that children’s days are matched with keypersons working days as far as possible, logistically it is impossible always to ensure a complete match. Please do not worry if sometimes your child attends on a day their keyperson doesn’t, as we will arrange another regular person to look after your child and they will have the same care and opportunities on these days as well.

Each Child is Special

The keypersons will have to carry out observations on their key children and these will be recorded. We may ask you to help us with these and we hope parents and keypersons can share information. We hope you will let us know for example, anything your child does at home which we may not have noticed in the group, or make any comments you like on our observations of your child. You will be able to discuss your child’s progress at any reasonable time and your comments will be welcomed. When your child leaves playgroup their keyperson will prepare a ‘Developmental Profile’ which will be sent to their next school or nursery and you will be given a copy to take home and keep as well. Please do not compare your child’s achievements with those of other children as each child’s development is unique and special.