Making concerns known

her chairA parent who is uneasy about any aspect of the group’s provision should first talk over any worries with a supervisor.

A parent may alternatively go straight to the chair of the committee.

If this does not have a satisfactory outcome within a couple of weeks, or if the problem recurs, the parent should put the concerns or complaint in writing and request a meeting with the supervisor/s and the chair of the management committee. Both parents and leaders should have a friend or partner present if required and an agreed written record of the discussion should be made.

For a specific complaint against a member of staff or volunteer

A parent should make any allegation against a staff member to a supervisor who will discuss the matter with the person concerned.

If the allegation is against a supervisor the parent should approach the chair of the committee who will discuss with the person concerned and then may need to contact OFSTED.

We had our OFSTED inspection during February 2016 and we were awarded an “Outstanding”.

Most complaints should be resolved informally or at this initial stage.

If the matter is still not sorted out to the parent’s satisfaction, the parent should again contact the chair.

If the parent and the group cannot reach agreement, an external mediator from Hounslow Early Years, who is acceptable to both parties, will be invited to listen to both sides and offer advice. A mediator has no legal powers but can help to clarify the situation.

The mediator will help define the problem, review the action so far and suggest further ways in which it might be resolved.

A parent may at any time contact OFSTED – 0845 601 4772 –

We believe that most complaints are made constructively and can be sorted out at an early stage.

We also believe that it is in the best interests of the playgroup and parents that complaints should be taken seriously and be dealt with fairly and in a way which respects confidentiality.