Fees are £8 per hour so non-funded children will be charged £24 per three hour session (or £48 per six hours) up to a maximum of 5 sessions per week over 38 weeks.

Bank holidays and INSET days will not be charged for.

Invoices will be issued at the start of each half term with payment expected in the following two weeks.

All children from the term after their third birthday will receive 15 hours funding each week for 38 weeks from the term after their third birthday.

Children whose third birthdays fall before or on 31st August will be funded from September; if before or on 31st December will be funded in January; if before or on 31st March will be funded in April.

We reserve the right to increase the fees during the year to cover costs, although we hope not to.

If it is not financially viable for Playgroup to offer the 30 hours entitlement we will issue half a term’s notice.


Half a term’s notice in lieu of fees is required before withdrawal of child.


Children are expected to attend all sessions for which they are registered, obviously unless they are ill, particularly if they are receiving a funded place. We cannot give refunds for holidays or illness except for absences caused by notifiable infectious diseases e.g. measles, chicken‑pox.

If playgroup has to close due to extreme unforeseen circumstances e.g.: snow or power failure the fees (for that day) are non-refundable.

We cannot guarantee holding a playgroup place open if your child is absent for more than two weeks. If you know that you are likely to be absent for a long period, please contact the Supervisor. A full half term’s notice in advance must be given if you decide to withdraw your child, otherwise full fees will be payable, EVEN IF YOUR CHILD HAS A FUNDED PLACE.


Monthly payments can be made by direct payment or standing order by agreement. If a monthly payment is missed then all arrears become due immediately and payment reverts to half termly as below.

Payment must be made within the first two weeks of each half term.  If no payment is received by the end of the second week then:

  1. If there has been no payment with the first TWO weeks of the half-term, parents will be given a reminder letter, with details of the amount owed and stating that a late payment fee will be added to the outstanding amount if payment is not received within the next seven days.
  2. If there has been no payment within the next seven days, a final payment reminder will be issued, with the late payment fee added to the outstanding amount.
  3. If there has been no payment after a further seven days, the parent will be advised that their child can no longer attend Playgroup and the place offered to another child on the waiting list.  The Committee reserve the right to take legal action as a last resort and will go to the small claims court to recover all monies due if necessary.

Tax-Free Childcare

Parents may be able to register for this scheme for tax-free childcare.


Please contact Kath Richardson about all matters concerning money – thank you.