The Playgroup is open to every family in the community.  A child can be admitted from the age of 2 years, but this will normally be during the school year in which they become 3 years old.  Places are offered, at the end of the summer term, by letter, to those on the waiting list at the time and priority will be given in the following order:-

  1. Children with Special Educational Needs
  2. Continuing children
  3. Siblings
  4. 2 Year old funded children
  5. 3 & 4 Year old funded children
  6. Fee Paying


  • 9.30am to 12.30pm – 3 hours (£24 per session)
  • 8.30am to 2.30pm – 6 hours (£48 per session)
  • 8.30am to 9:30 am – 1 hour Breakfast Club (£9 per session; in Spring and Summer terms, subject to demand)

See further information on Fees and Funding.


Half a term’s notice in lieu of fees is required before withdrawal of child, whether funded or fee paying.

Joining Playgroup

  1. duckAll interested parents are invited with their children to spend a morning at the group before they register.
  2. All parents of children registered for entry in September are invited to a New Parents/Carers Evening, prior to the start of term, where full information regarding all aspects of playgroup is given.
  3. A notice is put in the Parish Newsletter, which is delivered to 4,000 homes in the local area, inviting anyone interested in finding out about the playgroup to come and visit us.
  4. The Playgroup Parent Handbook is given to parents before their child starts.
  5. New children will be introduced over a period of three weeks beginning with the oldest.  On the first day of new children starting, the parent/carer can stay if they wish.  Their key worker will show them around and answer any questions.  The parents are invited to stay for the first week.  If both parents and child are happy to be parted earlier than this, parents may leave and/or come back after a while if they wish to.
  6. If after the first week a special strategy is thought necessary this will be worked out with the parent/carer.
  7. Each parent and child’s individual needs will be taken into account.
  8. As your child progresses the new extended hours are open to you.