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Play is essential as the medium through which children learn and develop. Playgroup offers young children the opportunity to learn through play according to their individual needs, in a happy, stable and caring environment with opportunities for exploration and discovery.

playgroup hall

Objectives of the Playgroup

Children learn to work, play and co‑operate with other children and with new adults in a group beyond the family. They learn to recognise and accept the different cultures in a multi‑cultural society.

Children are helped to develop competence in English, to listen to stories in a group and to talk about their experiences.

Children develop their knowledge and understanding of the world and the environment around them. They experiment with a variety of materials and are helped to acquire many skills which will provide a foundation for literacy, numeracy and technological learning.

Children develop physical control, mobility, awareness of space and manipulative skills.

Children develop their imagination, their ability to communicate and learn to express ideas and feelings by using a wide variety of materials.

Children gain confidence in themselves in preparation for their transition to school.

With the new EYFS Guidelines all children are offered outside play every day.  If your child is not well enough to go outside they should not attend playgroup on that day.

What Goes on at Playgroup?

The children settle in during the first 15 minutes with their key worker.


There are periods of free play, when the children are free to choose what they would like to do, within certain guidelines – playdough, dressing up, sand, painting, puzzles, construction toys, books – to name a few.  At these times there may be group sessions for the 3&4 year olds – Phonics & Sounds and PALS.  Other group sessions include Song & Rhyme Time.

There will also be a daily planned activity – collage, finger painting, cold cookery, junk modelling, vegetable printing – for example.  We do not insist that a child joins in any activity, but we will encourage them.

Regularly each keyworker will hold a special ‘Talk Time’ at a chosen activity for their key group.


During the free play times the children will have the opportunity to release some energy in our secure garden in all weather, so please dress your child appropriately.  Through play we encourage children to develop their independent skills to their shoes should be easy to get on and off.


At playgroup we encourage lots of messy play.  We will provide aprons for your child but this is no guarantee that you child will stay clean! So please bear this in mind when bringing you child.  If your child is toilet trained or in the process of toilet training do put your child in clothes that are easy for us and them to manage.  Please supply a change of clothes for your child in a named bag.  If your child is in nappies you will need to supply us with nappies and wipes in a named bag.

Snack Time and Oral Hygiene

All the children will be gathered together at mid-morning for snack   Your child will be provided with a healthy snack and fresh milk or water free of charge. We are a nut and meat free setting.

Oral Hygiene is very important in achieving overall good oral health.  This is also becoming a key aspect on which the EYFS is focusing on in 2021.  It is beneficial for us all to have a clear understanding of how to support with oral health. It is therefore important for us to support children with oral health, as their first experiences can have a great impact on the rest of their lives.  By supporting them, we can teach them about their mouths, introduce good habits and normalise dental visits, helping to put them at ease and gain trust. We will have books on oral hygiene to help us promote oral health. Your child will always have access to water throughout the session.

Before the end of the 12.30pm session the children will have story time and then some of the children will go home.  The children staying will then have their healthy packed lunch, with limited sugary snacks. After lunch the children will have free play until home time.


Photographs & Videoing

From time to time we like to take photographs of the children for our own records, for evidence for OFSTED, or for publicity. We will not publish these outside the local community and will not display full face pictures of children without their parents’ permission. We ask you to sign the permission paragraph on the registration form.