At St Mary’s we believe that good attendance is beneficial for all concerned.

Our policy follows the guidelines set by the local authority which includes:

  • Parents are asked to inform the setting if their child is going to be absent and provide a reason for example unwell.
  • We expect the parents to call on the morning on the first day that their child is absent.
  • We except a phone call (a text message will not be accepted)
  • We ask parents to inform us in writing of any planned holidays. The parents will be made aware that it is acceptable for a child to take up to 2 week holiday period in one block and still receive the funding entitlement. If the holiday planned is longer than 2 weeks the Early Entitlement Officer will be informed.
  • If the child’s absence is un-notified then the setting will refer to the guidelines set out by the Local Authority.
  • The Supervisor is responsible for contacting the Parents.
  • Parents are informed via the Parent Handbook that fees are expected to be paid if their child is absent unless the child is unwell with a confirmed case of chicken pox. This will result in two weeks fees not being charged.
  • Parents are informed via the Parent Handbook that if the setting has to close due to unforeseen circumstances they are still charged. ( for example, snow or power failure).
  • Parents will still be charged if the setting is open during poor weather conditions, even if they are unable to bring their child.
  • If there is a concern regarding the welfare of a child the guidelines set in the Safeguarding Policy will be followed.
  • The setting is aware that poor attendance and/or punctuality could be a safeguarding issue and will respond in accordance with our Safeguarding Policy and Procedures.
  • If a child is claiming funding and there is a concern the setting will respond in accordance with the Absence guidelines set out by the Local Authority.