Weekly Topics

We share this list so you can discuss with your children what we have been talking about at Playgroup. Sometimes you may be able to offer help or we may ask you to bring in an item from home. Please look out for additional weekly details and ideas of things to do or talk about at home.

Autumn Term

Settling in  – routine of the playgroup session
Settling in – routine of the playgroup session
Colours – naming and awareness of differences
Cold cookery
Clothes – suitable for the season – dressing ourselves
Transport – various forms
Shape and Space – 2 &3 dimensions – relative sizes
Autumn – awareness of seasonal differences – getting ready for winter
Our Senses – taste, smell, sight, hearing, touch
Nursery rhymes – music and movement – Diwali
Shopping – writing lists
Times of day – yesterday, today, tomorrow – day/night – days of week

Spring Term

Winter – weather
Numbers – awareness of counting counting- mathematical language
Where people live – different homes and cultures
Technology – use of tools – experimenting
Opposites – e.g. wet/dry, hot/cold, like/dislike
Materials technology – what things are made of
Families – own and others – respect for other cultures
Wild / large animals
Growing, – age, seeds, length of time
Phonics and Sounds

Summer Term

Baby animals –  pets
Our area – Osterley Park and our environment
Ourselves – rest, exercise, diet, cleanliness – emotions and feelings
Exploring sounds – music, environmental
Farms – animals and crops
Seaside – water – use of
Important jobs e.g. police, nurse, post, etc.
Recreation and social activities we enjoy
Summer food – picnics
Going to School