Rules for Adults

noticeboardThe list below is long but necessary for the health and safety of your child and their belongings.  It is much appreciated that all parents/carers read these.

The following rules are subject to alteration due to COVID-19 restrictions when parents/carers are not allowed in the building.

Could all adults read the Fire Notice in the hall lobby and on our playgroup noticeboard and memorise what to do in the event of a fire.

Do not be late arriving so that the front door is open for as short a time as possible.

Make sure that your child’s outdoor clothing is named. This is especially important as your child will be allowed to play outside in colder weather.

If your child wears Wellington boots to Playgroup, please bring shoes to change into. Wellington boots are not to be worn in the playgroup hall for health and safety reasons.

No croc shoes, snow boots or open toed shoes are to be worn.

Aprons are provided, but please bring your child dressed in easily washable play clothes.

For health and safety reasons hoop earrings, chains, necklaces and bracelets are not allowed. If any of these are worn for religious reasons please talk to your child’s key worker.

We do celebrate the children’s birthdays with candles, a card and by singing ‘Happy Birthday’. If you would like to bring something special to help us celebrate, please confine this to small healthy snack that we can give at snack time. We would appreciate it if you refrain from bringing party bags, sweets or chocolates.

If your child is in nappies please bring spare nappies on a daily basis in a bag which is CLEARLY named on the outside.

Lastly, toys, money or sweets get lost or broken and cause unnecessary distress to your child, so please try to arrange for their favourite toy on collection. Please try not to be late, as they look forward to seeing you there.

Please call on the morning if your child is unwell and not attending playgroup (please see Attendance).

No mobile phones are allowed in playgroup.

Photographs & Videoing

From time to time we like to take photographs of the children for our own records, for evidence for OFSTED, or for publicity. We will not publish these outside the local community and will not display full face pictures of children without their parents’ permission. We ask you to sign the permission paragraph on the registration form.