A Brief Introduction

St Mary’s Osterley Pre-School Playgroup is held in St Mary’s Osterley Parish Centre and is fully accessible for the disabled.

We run playgroup sessions on Monday to Fridays between 8.30am and 2.30pm.

All are offered at a fee if funding is not available. Please see our sections on Fees and Funding to determine your eligibility.

Children are admitted from the time the child reaches the age of 2 years, but normally during the academic year they reach 3 years old, to the term of their fifth birthday.

The setting accesses the 2 year funding and the 3/4 year funding as well as 30 hour offer and tax free childcare. We are also registered with several voucher schemes which are now closed to newcomers.

The playgroup is registered by OFSTED under the 1989 Children Act and is registered as charity 1042164. Our last OFSTED inspection rated us Outstanding.

If you would to enquire about places please contact us.



Last Year

We recently held playgroup’s Annual General Meeting online. Below is a summary of the year and the full year end report and accounts can be downloaded (pdf). If you would like to find out more about becoming a trustee please get in touch.

Supervisor’s Report

After we had locked down on 20/03/2020, I was so happy to be able to reopen playgroup on 01/06/2020.  Thank you to Joanne who had lots of paperwork to complete, COVID guidance and extensive risk assessment which all had to be sorted before we could open.  We then had to convince the Church to open the hall and that we could operate safely.  This involved a lot of emailing (by Joanne) and the waiting for responses from the Vicar and Warden. We filled the long risk assessment which the Vicar had to be involved in and the church produced another risk assessment and both risk assessments had to be agreed on before we could reopen.

The staff needed to be convinced into coming back as well.  On the 27/05/2020 Joanne and myself met with the staff in the garden at the hall.  They were not happy but in the end all agreed to come in on June 1st 2020.  Thank you to all the staff for their dedication to opening up for the children whose parents wanted them to come back.  Joanne emailed all the parents to let them know about the reopening and the response was slow and a few did not respond at all, but in the end all the children were invited to come back.  We did open with strict COVID safety measures in place and we successfully stayed open until the Summer holidays.  We averaged around 11 children per day and even stayed open for lunch with around 5 children attending. 

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