Get Involved


farmSt. Mary’s Playgroup was established in 1970 by a number of interested mothers. Today, the Playgroup is still run by a committee of parents. The Committee appoints the Supervisor/s and helpers and is responsible for policy making and the business side of running the Playgroup. The Committee consists of up to 15 members and the Vicar is Honorary President. Each member is elected for one year.

Every parent is a member of the Playgroup and we hope you will attend the bi-monthly meetings and vote at the Annual General Meeting to elect the Committee and officers from amongst yourselves. These meetings are your opportunity to put queries or suggestions concerning the running of the Playgroup.

Previous annual reports and accounts, as well as the latest constitution are available to download.


Every few weeks, you will receive a newsletter telling you what is going on at the Playgroup. There is also a notice board filled with useful information. Please read them and also any important daily notices we may put up.

Information is also provided on the notice board about our weekly topics and activities to enable you to become more involved in your child’s learning. Sometimes you may be able to offer help on a topic or we may ask you to bring in an item from home.

Parent Rota

We have a parent rota system whereby each parent (can be Mum, Dad, a nanny, childminder, or Grandparents!) is called upon to spend a morning in the Playgroup not only as an extra pair of hands in the kitchen, but also to play with the children. This role is vital to enable the smooth running of the session, keep our costs down and we hope is interesting for you to see how the group runs and to see how your child spends their time in the Playgroup.

Some parents avoid parent rota because they see it as a chore. It is not. It is an opportunity to see your child at play, interacting with the other children and members of staff, and also to watch the way the staff encourage and play with the children.


From time to time Playgroup celebrates festivals from different religions and cultures. Parents are invited to come and share their special knowledge of their own cultures with us all by perhaps preparing some special food, telling a story or helping us with a relevant activity.

If for any reason you wish to withdraw your child from any of these celebrations please let us know and some other appropriate activity will be provided for them. The dietary needs of a child’s religion will be respected, as also will any religious dress or ornaments.


Playgroup is a registered charity and does not receive any guaranteed grants ‑ we must be self supporting. The fees charged and funding received only partially covers costs and we must raise funds to pay for all the materials we use and to maintain and replace our equipment.

Just before Easter we hold our annual sponsored Bunny hops when the children, after some practice, see how many bunny hops they can do across the hall and we invite parents to raise as much sponsorship as possible.

We also support other charities and last year we did something funny for Red Nose Day and had a pyjama day for the Crackerjacks children’s trust charity which helps disable children and their families.