COVID-19 Policy

This COVID-19 policy details COVID-19 arrangements for Safeguarding and Child Protection at St. Mary’s Osterley Playgroup. This Policy addendum is effective from February 2021 and will be reviewed regularly.   Download in pdf


This addendum of the St. Mary’s Osterley Playgroup Safeguarding, and Child Protection policy contains details of our individual safeguarding arrangements in the following areas:

Content Table

Context 2

Key contacts. 3

Vulnerable children. 3

Attendance monitoring. 4

Designated Safeguarding Lead. 4

Reporting a concern. 5

Safeguarding Training and induction. 5

Safer recruitment 5

Supporting children who are not attending. 5

Considerations for closure of our early years provision. 6

Recording confirmed coronavirus cases. 6

Managing confirmed cases of COVID-19 in the setting. 6

Notify Ofsted. 7

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