Ofsted Inspection

Our previous Ofsted Inspection found us Outstanding back in 2016.

We had a new inspection in May 2022 which found us to be Inadequate and the the report has now been published online.

We are disappointed at our recent Ofsted inspection taking us from an Outstanding provision to an Inadequate rating, as it does not match our perception of the service we provide.

However we have taken all the feedback on board and addressed the issues raised, completing all the action points listed.

We will have a mandatory inspection in the next six months and naturally hope to get a more positive result.

You can download the report and read it here.

Parental Feedback

We asked parents for their feedback and share a few quotes below.

“Our child has been very happy at St. Mary’s Playgroup.  She always talks about her experiences and the staff are always helpful”

“The Keyperson system is very helpful”

“My child has had a wonderful time at St. Mary’s Playgroup.  She always looks forward to coming and has grown in so many ways.  Thank you to all staff, you will be missed!”

“The setting provided very important learning the critical development stage of our child”

“The setting excelled itself during the height of the pandemic and provided continued opening at most times and also the protocol they followed made us feel that our child was safe at the setting”

“Overall, very happy.  My child enjoys nursery and I feel the staff embrace, consider his individual needs well”

“My child enjoys going to nursery.  If any issues have arisen I have managed to resolve them with the staff”

“I think it’s a lovely setting for the children and mine really benefits from the outdoor space, which is lovely.  I like the fact his Keyperson and all the staff indulge my child’s favourite things, (e.g. hoovers) and make an effort to embrace this.”

“The children always sound like they are happy and this is the most important thing, I feel”