Let’s Learn at Home

Free Support Sessions for Families from the Early Years Alliance

Let’s Learn Together @ Home

A six-week online learning programme for families with children aged 0-5 years. Delivered once a week via Zoom, these sessions will provide advice and ideas to help parents to support children’s learning and development from the home environment.

Our expert early years tutors and practitioners will share ideas and suggestions for home learning, focusing on a different theme each week. Families are encouraged to take part in activities during the session.

The programme will run on various dates from November 2021 through to April 2022. View the full programme and details on how to book here.

Topics include:

  • An introduction to home learning
  • Music time with the kitchen band
  • Creating awe and wonder through science
  • Supporting emotional wellbeing
  • No garden gardening
  • Physical fun

Parent Connect sessions

A series of online events exploring the home learning environment. These sessions provide an opportunity for parents and carers to connect and share ideas, while learning more about to how to support children’s learning and development at home.

Click on the dates and times below to book:

Supporting your child’s learning at home – an introduction

Join us as we begin to understand how to support children’s development at home, using everyday objects and experience to enhance learning.

13 October 2021:  2-3pm or 7-8pm

Supporting communication and language development at home

‘Knowing more words makes you smarter’. Find out why communication and language development is so important in the early years, and how to support this at home.

20 October 2021: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Supporting physical development at home

Have you ever wondered what Gross Motor Skills and Fine Motor Skills are? Discover the development of movement and the physical body, and learn how to best support this at home.

10 November: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Learning in the kitchen

There are so many opportunities for learning and development in the kitchen! Discover what activities children might enjoy in the kitchen as how these contribute to the development of knowledge and skills.

17 November: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Supporting personal, social and emotional development at home

Help children to recognise their emotions and explore ideas on how to support children’s positive emotional wellbeing.

24 November: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Learning in the bathroom

Bubbles, splashing and lots of fun! Discover the learning and development that can happen in the bathroom and how to make daily routines more engaging.

1 December 2021: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Home learning for babies

Babies can play too! Understanding baby brain development and enriching babies play time can hugely contribute towards lifelong learning.

8 December 2021: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Learning in the garden

Being outside has so many benefits for the mind and body, whatever the weather! Discover how to make the most out of your outdoor space – however big or small!

5 January 2022: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

Home learning for toddlers – with a focus on schemas

Have you ever wondered why some children like to play in a certain way or enjoys some activities more than others? Explore the interest of toddlers, their play development, and how to support this at home.

12 January 2022: 2-3pm or 7-8pm

If you have any questions or would like further information about family learning and support programmes, please contact: connect@eyalliance.org.uk