We Are Open!

We have re-opened and detail below our changes to practice to keep our children safe.

We are operating a waiting list and if you are looking for a place for this September either call us on 07719731062 or email us to register your interest.

How we Intend to Keep your Children Safe – Guidance for Parents and Carers

Risk Assessments

The detailed risk assessment can be downloaded here and the guidance provided to us by the Department for Education can be provided on request. We will be limiting access to the provision to ensure we can reduce any risks to our staff or children.  

Travel Plans

The Government’s guidance has suggested that children, young people and parents are encouraged to walk or cycle where possible and avoid public transport at peak times. Planning your travel is essential especially if using public transport. To support this, we have arranged staggered drop off and pick up times. Please communicate with us your intended travel plans to and from the provision.

Shielding within the Home

Please keep us informed of any update immediately of any shielding or changes to your home circumstances regarding shielding within your home 

Procedures for Drop off and Collection

Staggered drop off and pick up times have been arranged to avoid crowding during these periods. Please ring the bell for the Main Hall to drop off and collect.

Drop off

  • If your drop off is 8.30am you can arrive between 8.30 am – 9am.
  • If your drop off is 9.30am you can arrive between 9.15am – 9.45am.


  • If you collect at 12.30pm you can collect between 12.15 – 12.45pm.
  • If you collect at 2.30pm you can collect between 2.15 – 2.45pm.

To keep children safe during this time it is essential that Parents and Carers do not enter the building, however we will be flexible if your child is upset and only one parent/carer to bring your child.  Therefore a practitioner will sign any children in and out. All Parents and Carers MUST social distance at all times when outside the building.

Communication with Parents

We have followed the guidance from the government for Communicating our plans with you

Additional arrangements regarding sharing information about the provision and any changes needed to our arrangements will be communicated by phone or email from the provision manager.  If you need to speak to your child’s Key Person please either email or call the setting.  No face to face contact is allowed.

Minimising Items that are Taken from Home to Setting

To ensure the safety of all children and following the Government guidance, we need to ensure we minimise the amount of items taken from the home to our setting. This could include different arrangements for lunch.  Lunch must be bought in disposable packaging, no lunch boxes or water bottles will be allowed.

Spare Clothing and Nappies

Ensure that the bag contains a change of clothing and enough nappies for at least 2 -3 weeks as we will keep bags on the premises until the end of the term.  Any wet clothing will be sent home in a disposable bag.

Emergency Contact Details

Please check the emergency contact details that the setting holds to ensure they are current and up to date, in the event there have been any changes since your child last attended the setting. Please contact the setting by email.

What happens if there is a confirmed case of coronavirus in the setting?

A detailed procedure for dealing with suspected or confirmed cases of Coronavirus has been created and is available to you. The creation of this procedure took guidance from the Government guidance.  How to respond if a child or adult is suspected of having Covid 19.

No children are to attend if they or a member of their household has any symptoms of the coronavirus and the setting MUST be informed immediately.