Childcare Voucher Scheme Closes to New Parents

Pre-School Learning AllianceThe government’s childcare voucher scheme has closed to new applicants.
Originally due to close in April, the scheme was kept open to new applicants until 4 October after pressure from campaign groups.

Closed to new applicants
However, despite continued efforts to keep the scheme open, no new applicants will be now able to join.

Instead, parents will be able to sign up to the tax-free childcare scheme, which launched in April earlier this year.

Those who are already receiving childcare vouchers will be able to do so as long as they continue to be employed by a company signed up to the scheme.

Tax-free childcare
Tax-free childcare is available to all eligible parents, whereas childcare vouchers are only available to eligible parents whose employers are signed up to the scheme.

However, some parents say they will lose out under the tax-free childcare scheme.

The #SaveChildcareVouchers campaign has been calling for the scheme to remain open to new applicants since January 2017. It says it will keep putting pressure on the government to re-open the scheme to new entrants.