Parents offered compensation after Childcare Service technical issues

Pre-School Learning AllianceHMRC is offering some parents compensation after continuing problems with the government’s Childcare Service website.

The website has experienced several technical issues since its launch earlier this year. The problems have left a number of parents unable to access both tax-free childcare and the 30-hours offer, which are both managed through the website. Some parents are said to have been locked out of tax-free childcare accounts, while some have wrongly been told that they are not eligible for the 30-hours.

Providers have also experienced problems with the site, including a technical glitch that saw childminder data, including home addresses, wrongfully shared online.

Compensation claims
Parents may be eligible for a one-off top-up from the government if they have been:

  • unable to complete an application for tax-free childcare
  • unable to access a childcare account
  • left without a decision on whether they are eligible, without explanation, for more than 20 days.

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