Claiming Funding for 30 Hours

If a parent is experiencing problems with getting their code they should call HMRC on 0300 123 4097.

The parent will have to check their code every three months and will be reminded by HMRC to do this.

Hounslow Council will run a check every term to see which parents have failed to check their eligibility or have fallen out of eligibility.

When a parent is no longer eligible they fall into the ‘grace period’.

The grace period is used to describe the length of time the parent and childcare provider receives the entitlement until it is withdrawn.

The grace period end date is usually till the end of term that the parent becomes ineligible.

If a parent is sharing the funding between two providers then the parent must make it clear to both with whom the parent is taking the first 15 universal hours with and the extended 15 hours with.