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How Was 2017 For Playgroup

We had a lot of children stay on or started on 3 year funding which meant we were already only getting £13 per session for these children but we filled up with 30 children per day the by summer term with 6 staff and three 1-1 workers for three children who went onto school with statutory assessments (used to be statements). We were charging £20 per session for 2 year olds. SEN workers were paid by inclusion funding.

We paid our staff at least the National Living Wage as of 2014 and had to start the new pension. Our main focus last year was to try and put in place 30 hours to start in September 2017. It was not easy to work out as the government didn’t give any information out until the summer. We had to get all staff on board with extra hours, work out the hours and ask for extension of the hall hire. We had to have a meeting with the hall committee, then the vicar. Then it had to be passed by the Standing Committee and the PCC. We now have a contract until September 2018 of £600 pw for hall hire. The vicar is leaving which may cause changes. (more…)

Survey about Childcare

Residents who are a parent or carer of children aged from babies to  14 years and those with youngsters with disabilities up to 18 years, are being asked by Hounslow Council for their views on whether childcare in the borough is meeting their needs.

An online childcare demand survey will run until Friday 29 September 2017. People can submit their views at /Childcare_demand_survey_2017  

Knowing what is going well and what could be improved in childcare services is important to the Council.

The information provided in the survey will support future planning to ensure that there is sufficient high quality childcare available in the places and at the times that parents and carers need it.

Ofsted Rates Us Outstanding

We’re very pleased to announced that after an inspection on 4th February 2016 we have been rated as outstanding.

The summary says:

  • Children thrive in a warm, welcoming and highly stimulating environment. The setting provides a wide variety of resources and exciting activities for children to explore.
  • The promotion of equality, respect and tolerance is at the heart of the setting’s work and is thoroughly embedded.
  • Staff work in excellent partnerships with parents and actively involve them in their children’s learning. For example, play plans outlining what children are learning are shared with parents. Parents also have the opportunity to have a say in how the setting is run by joining the parents’ committee and completing regular questionnaires.
  • The relationships between children and their key person are excellent. Children form secure attachments and are confident and ready to learn.
  • The manager and staff have a deep understanding of the curriculum and how to apply it to meet the children’s needs. All children make exceptional progress.

Please read the full report.